In addition to small side projects, I've worked on and built several larger projects:

SpacemanDMMSpacemanDMM, a tool suite for the DreamMaker language including a code parser and graphical map renderer with pluggable render passes.
HullrotHullrot, a from-scratch Mumble server implementation with game integration hooks, providing immersive voice communications to games previously without it.
discord-rsdiscord-rs, a Rust binding around the API of the Discord text and voice chat service, for high-performance bot needs including audio.
GlowstoneGlowstone, a lightweight, from-scratch, open source Minecraft server software written in Java that supports plugins written for the popular Bukkit API. Currently maintained by its community.
PermissionsBukkitPermissionsBukkit, a once-popular permissions configuration/management plugin for Bukkit Minecraft servers. It is designed to be lightweight and performant while remaining full-featured.
UnpickledUnpickled, a browsable database of every world, level, and extra file in Hamumu's hit game Supreme With Cheese (which I have also helped update and maintain for newer systems).
JspEditJspEdit, an editor for the otherwise previously undocumented 256-color sprite files used by 2.5D-engine Hamumu games.
McURLMcURL, or the Minecraft URL Launcher, a small tool that handles the minecraft:// URL protocol and allows connecting to servers from links found on server websites or public server lists. It is compact and easy to install.

More of my work can also be found on the following sites:

GitHubGitHub, where I have made occasional contributions to open-source projects including Rust libraries and the Bukkit project. I also have several old personal projects there.
Ludum DareLudum Dare, a rapid game development competition in which participants have 48 hours to make a game from scratch, which I used to participate in fairly frequently.
WombatWombat, my personal repository of various small-scale specific interest projects, largely Hamumu and Minecraft stuff and other assorted fun.